Fear Free Cats

  • Get the cat used to the carrier by introducing it into a familiar living space several weeks before the scheduled visit. It may even be better to have it out all the time with food and soft bedding to invite it as an additional napping spot.
  • Choosing the best kind of carrier for your cat
  • Training cats into the carrier
  • Making the carrier cat-friendly
  • Occasionally, your cat may still need medication to ease their fears about coming to the hospital, or we may need to consider a house-call. Call us so that we may help out or reschedule the appointment as needed.
  • Ideally, withhold the meal before the visit so that they arrive hungry and more interested in the treats we will be providing
  • While here, we will do everything possible to reduce your pet’s anxiety. That may occasionally mean using sedation, or postponing an elective procedure.


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